How's Your Search Strategy? Is It Where It Needs to Be?

Most don't see search as a being a priority because, particularly in the eCommerce segments, only 9.5% of site visitors actually engage in search. Many feel that it wouldn’t be wise to spend much time optimizing for such a small subset of users and fail to see how search can actually drive conversation.

Re-thinking your search strategy can dramatically increase the number of visitors using search, and improve the relevancy of the search results that follow. 

On average those who use search to navigate a site, particularly an eCommerce site, will convert at a rate 351% higher than those who do not interact with search at all. Search visitors also produce Units Per Transaction (UPT) figures 40% higher than non-search visitors. Granted, a lot of this has to do with the intention of the visitor, yet at the end of the day, visitors who use search provide a precise input can tailor the shopping experience to match their needs and interests.

Guiding the customer through  a better defined experience simply by making search more predominant, can automatically increase the relevancy of their personal shopping experience, equating to a far more significant engagement and conversion rate. Though it be difficult to measure in the beginning, the customer's holistic value perception will begin to spike as a result of the fact that this one simple enhancement can make the shopping experience much more intuitive, enjoyable and memorable.

Of course, increasing the number of visitors who use search won’t help much if the search results are irrelevant. Search relevancy is one of the biggest pain points for most online retailers, particularly those using out-of-the-box solutions from major shopping cart platforms. It becomes important, then, to find ways to make the search experience better for your shoppers.

If this is you and you need a guide who can walk you through some of your major sticking points in your search strategy or you need to find out how the optimizing search can complement your existing sit, please contact us today. One of our team members can walk you through your options and recommend a solution tailored just for your business needs so you can invest with confidence. 

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